Pashmina Craze – Deciphering the Lure of Vintage Cashmere Pashmina

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Pashmina or cashmere can be the best choice when you decide to buy warm clothing. This fabric has also gained prominence as one of the first choices for fashion conscious women because of its versatility. They have made it a necessity to have in their wardrobe collection.

But, why this sudden upsurge in its demands?

A cashmere pashmina is made with superfine fur of Himalayan goats. But, it’s not as simple as it sounds! The fabric gains this vintage appeal from the way it is processed and the comfort level it provides.

Obtaining the fur

As already mentioned, the Himalayan goats, locally called Chyangra, are the source of this soft fur. These animals live around the Gobi desert, situated north of China and extending till Mongolia. As they live in extremely frigid conditions at high altitudes, they have a double coat of fur on their body. While the outer fur is coarse, an inner one is very fine and soft, providing them protection.

The farmers rearing them comb this inner fur with hand to keep it untangled. After shredding this coat, they sort the fleece. The fur situated in its neck and stomach region is the softest, making the best of pashmina clothing. You see, the lure for this vintage fabric is worth it.

The relation with high price

Pashminas are obtained from these rare animals and have limited production. One can find it easily in China for the cheap labor cost there. However, in other countries like Tibet, Nepal, Iran or India one cannot get them easily, thus this high price. In Mongolia, they are produced in even lesser quantity.

Their silky and smooth texture is also a reason they are in high demand, thus escalating their price further.

Luxurious and cosy

A cashmere pashmina has its association dating 400 years back to the royalties. The fabric was extremely valuable in those days and royal families used to gift them to each other. Since then it carries a mark of luxury with it.

People also find the fabric extremely warm and snugly along with the rich texture it carries. Thus, it is very cosy to wrap around your body and gives a pleasant feel. No doubt, they are very alluring for these properties.

Protection from cold

You can save yourself from extreme chills by simply wrapping a cashmere pashmina around your neck. Such is the insulation capacity of this fabric. It is the warmest of all and retains heat effectively. Their availability in different sizes, shapes and designs further makes them a favorite.

Some dos and don’ts for your prized possession

When owning a pashmina gives you so many benefits at a go, you should also give them the best treatment. Know that you cannot keep it like any other cloth and have to follow certain caring criterion’s to ensure their long life.

  • Do wash it with a mild shampoo or soap by hand.
  • Send it for dry cleaning once in a while.
  • Do dry it by placing over a towel.
  • Don’t wring it.
  • Don’t dry it on a hanger as the fabric may stretch.

There you go! The secret behind the lure for this vintage clothing unfurled for you. So, indulge yourself in the grandeur of this luxury fabric!