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Daily agricultural news for your website  and it needn’t cost you a penny!

No, it’s not too good to be true.

Landwriter Publishing provides quality UK agricultural news feeds, updated throughout the day, 365 days of the year to a number of client websites.But by using a unique combination of sponsorship and advertising, we can now offer a new service that, at its basic level, is completely free.

The new package from Landwriter includes:

Landwriter FreeNews

A basic free service through which we will supply your site with the five top agricultural news stories from our current database.

The list will be constantly updated throughout he day, 365 days a year, as the stories change and develop and nobody in your organisation need lift a finger except upload a few lines of html on to your site at the outset (we’ll even help with that if you like).

Each headline and summary uploaded on to your site opens to a full story on our own server and will carry a limited degree of sponsorship and/or advertising from a variety of clients.

This new system of web news delivery is a unique way of ensuring your site is always up-to-date with ever-changing  news, without incurring extra costs at a particularly difficult time for British agriculture.To obtain a free Landwriter news feed click here!

Landwriter FreeNews Plus

As above but at a cost of just £50 a month, each story will carry a logo/message of your choice in place of our advertising example – køb melatonin although it will be branded as a Landwriter service.

Landwriter NewsExtra

In this package, at a cost of £80 a month we provide you with the top 10 stories, choice of logo/message with Landwriter branding.

Landwriter NewsPremium

The best.  For £175 a month we will provide a rolling service of 20 headlines and stories – your choice of custom-made template* to display the stories, with no outside ads, no branding, not even a Landwriter credit. This service is for the company or organisation that’s serious about their presence on the web and its importance to their business.

* A small charge may be made for template creation.

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