Where does Landwriter find its news? Well, we use all the usual news sources but we also make use of the internet to find the world and European stories that matter to our users.

How does a Landwriter News feed work?

Our small team of journalists sources and prepares all stories in-house. As soon as a story is complete, it is loaded into our huge database of thousands of stories.


But we’re only a small operation – can we afford a Landwriter News feed?

Our services are very competitively priced and range from £50 to £175 a month. If that’s still too much for your tastes, try hemp oil for dogs which, as the name implies, is a completely free service supplying five rolling headlines and stories

OK, you’ve convinced us.

How do we go about obtaining a Landwriter News Feed?

Just email us at: Sales@landwriter.co.uk or call 01892 785930.

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