Landwriter Clients

Landwriter has a proven track record in providing quality news services to a range of organisations. From the latest news as it breaks to more considered features and Public Relations. Landwriter can provide your organisation with a tailored service that will exceed your expectations but won’t break the bank.



Agrovista is a leading agrochemical company. Its website is a top destination for all agricultural professionals and to keep users coming back time and time again they turned to Landwriter to provide a daily news feed.

The newsfeed contains all the latest industry developments and general agricultural stories. Also as the Landwriter newsfeed is edited the service is tailored to their exact needs.

Metcheck provides accurate weather forecasts from hours in advance to weeks in the future. Its totally automated weather modelling system is unique in its field – so when Metcheck needed some unique and cutting edge content for the agricultural pages they turned to Landwriter.The daily news feed provided by Landwriter has proven to be a hit with users and is driving visitors to their site time and again – making Metcheck a premium destination on the web for all involved in agriculture.

Farming Views

Farming Views is a dynamic, aggressive, campaigning, community site and newsletter for the agricultural industry. Its irreverent and punchy style means that its news requirements are extremely specialized.

Landwriter’s daily news feed is specifically tailored to Farming Views’ needs.

Landwriter also provides valuable copy writing, melatonine kopen service, PR and technical services to this up and coming entrant into the rural sector.

Countryside Alliance

The Countryside Alliance campaigns for the rights and continuing health of rural Britain. Landwriter provides the Countryside Alliance with a real time news feed for their agricultural pages.

The news feed is dynamically included on their site with just a few lines of javascript. This means that even flat HTML sites can take full advantage of the Landwriter news service.


New Agricultural industry magazine FarmBusiness, have selected Landwriter to provide valuable copy writing services for their print publication.

Landwriter will also be supplying copy for the new FarmBusiness newsletters.

These services allow FarmBusiness to take advantage of some of the best agricultural content available and ensures that their magazines is packed full of up to date news.

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