Choosing the Right Sleep-Inducing Supplement

The medical industry is flooded with supplements that can successfully induce sleep to a person. While some bear high risks of side-effects with long time use, others are not easily available. Some also face legal barriers, and cannot be used in many countries. Of all these, melatonin håndkøb comes out as a clear winner. It is one of the most easily available alternative medicine supplements with low to no side effects. Besides, you can use it as a sleeping aid in most of the countries. It is also safe for both long and short-term use of insomnia and related illnesses.

Choosing the right sleep inducing supplement

Origin of melatonin in a human body

It is a hormone produced by the pineal gland situated at the center of the human brain. It is widely recognized as the primary reason behind regular sleep patterns of people. Disruption in sleep is also a result of this hormone’s lower level than required.

The body follows circadian rhythm, also known as ‘body clock’, to send a signal to the gland for its release. Since it is largely responsible for maintaining this rhythm, the body’s sleeping cycle breaks in its absence.

Your body witnesses its highest level when its night. The reason behind is that darkness is the trigger for its production, which can stretch up to 12 hours, thus, giving a person deep sleep. However, when you do not follow regular sleep pattern, it interrupts the process of melatonin production, causing issues with sleep.

Melatonins right dosage

You can buy melatonin over the counter in varying strengths with the minimum being at 0.3mg and maximum at 20mg. They are suitable for varying degrees of illness. It is advisable to start with a minimum dosage always. Increase its strength only when the existing dose is not bearing effective results.

At times, people who have insomnia for a long time go on to increase its dosage. However, an extended period of sleeplessness can be a result of various other illnesses. Hence, the best option when you are battling with it for a long time is to consult your doctor.

Even for the mild sleeping disorder, you should take the medical practitioner’s advice before increasing its dosage intake.

Effects of high dosage

Although a mild dose is preferable, people increase their melatonin intake on their own due to unfavorable results. It results in side effects just like any other medicinal drug. Its effects include sleepiness during day, blood pressure variation, drop in body temperature, and internal bleeding among others. Hence, it is ideal to avoid taking a high dosage. The recommendation of taking these supplements is just for two weeks to get the sleeping pattern right.

This hormonal alternative supplement, though highly beneficial in inducing sleep, may lead to severe side-effects in adverse circumstances. Thus, going with the medical practitioner’s advice is the best option.