Where does Landwriter find its news? Well, we use all the usual news sources but we also make use of the internet to find the world and European stories that matter to our users.

How does a Landwriter News feed work?

Our small team of journalists sources and prepares all stories in-house. As soon as a story is complete, it is loaded into our huge database of thousands of stories.


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News Feeds

Daily agricultural news for your website  and it needn’t cost you a penny!

No, it’s not too good to be true.

Landwriter Publishing provides quality UK agricultural news feeds, updated throughout the day, 365 days of the year to a number of client websites.But by using a unique combination of sponsorship and advertising, we can now offer a new service that, at its basic level, is completely free.

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Daily, hourly, minute by minute, tailored, general, we can create a news package to suit your website. You can take delivery of the news in a myriad of formats (XML, CSV, email, FTP or dynamic includes) which means no matter what your requirements, Landwriter can deliver top quality content in real time.


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Need content?

Landwriter can offer companies a range of tailored content for websites or publications. Our web news feeds are extremely popular and you can even get one free.


Web news feeds

We offer a modular range of options for web news feeds and it can cost less than you think. Our latest rate card is available for download from the brochures section.

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Landwriter Clients

Landwriter has a proven track record in providing quality news services to a range of organisations. From the latest news as it breaks to more considered features and Public Relations. Landwriter can provide your organisation with a tailored service that will exceed your expectations but won’t break the bank.


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